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Please take a few minutes to view some of the new pages that I added to my blog today.  At the top of my website, I’ve added pages that showcase the following three themes: Munsey and Boda Merchandise – Artwork Gallery and Photography.



The cubs had a great time playing with their toy’s in the pool located at the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit.



Of course they enjoy playing with their all time favorite toy, the fire hose!  They played with the fire hose for at least two hour’s today!


This is Sara, one of the newer staff members at Marshfield’s Wildwood Zoo and she’s delivering a selection of fruity ice bear pops as a snack for Munsey and Boda to enjoy during the summer months.




The boys love these fruity ice pops made with fresh fruit that’s been blended and frozen in a freezer a few few days before being served to Munsey and Boda.

It appears that it takes the cubs a bit longer to eat the frozen fruit compared to the regular fruit and veggie’s they get for snacks.




Today Munsey and Boda offered zoo guest’s an up close and personal experience to interact via the large observation window at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Both the young and the young at heart love interacting with Munsey and Boda!









On Saturday, May 13th Munsey and Boda spent a few hours floating and playing with the metal beer keg in the pond located in the Bear Woods habitat area at Wildwood Zoo in Marshfield Wisconsin.aDSC_3487

The Kodiak bear’s seemed almost well behaved as they shared the empty beer keg.


I often wonder if Munsey and Boda can smell the remains of the beer inside the keg.aDSC_3564

Of course  Munsey and Boda have to hug each other /wrestle each other in the water as well as on land!  On their most active days the bears will play tag and  wrestle with each other every 20 to 30 minutes. The interaction can last anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.


Since the bears have such a heightened sense of smell, I wonder if they can identify what their brother has eaten for a meal that day?  The specific action between the two bears is considered a positive interaction.



On December 4th,  Munsey and Boda  could still enjoy the 32 degree weather while they collected and munched on icicles from their waterfall.

On the afternoon of  December 5th it was 30 degrees and the wind really picked up , so I  only spent 30 minutes at Wildwood Zoo.  The doors to the indoor bear den were opened for the boys, so they could go inside where they were protected from the elements.  Boda sat outside the door for about 10 minutes and the remaining time he sat in the door opening resting.  One of the photographs has little droplets covering the photograph. The droplets were created from the spray of the water from the waterfall as the strong winds began that afternoon.


On December 4th, 2016  Munsey and Boda enjoy exploring the new fallen snow!  Munsey enjoys rolling around in the white stuff and Boda enjoys running around the Bear Woods hoping for a wrestling match with Munsey.

Munsey  now weighs 460 lbs. and Boda weighs 490 bls. and with the extra winder coat of fur the bears look  more massive at 22 months of age.

Every day about noon the cubs move to the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Habitat area to wait for lunch.  The bears usually come up to the observation window to get a better view of the zoo staff as they leave their office to begin feeding the animals.  It appears that Munsey and Boda can smell their lunch as it’s being prepared by the staff!

I happened to have a cup of coffee on hand and even the coffee was of interest to Munsey that afternoon. adsc_3582-2016-12-4

This first video is of Munsey as he awakes from his afternoon nap.

The following video’s are of Munsey and Boda playing with a fire hose.  Munsey has learned a new trick over the past few days.  He’s learned that he no longer needs to tread water for 30 minutes and hold his breath for long period of times to retrieve the fire hose. He’s discovered that if he kicks his hind legs around long enough, he’ll move the the hose from the bottom of the pool to the surface and capture the hose.

Boda is most often seen on the side of the pool because he doesn’t seem to enjoy swimming in the deeper water of the pool.


The observations window offers a unique opportunity for zoo guests to observe the Kodiak cubs. Munsey and Boda  especially enjoy interacting with the youngest guests visiting  Wildwood Zoo!   This photo and video above was taken in early October of 2016.



aDSC_5790 2016 4 14 munsey

Most weekday mornings fruits and veggies are hidden around the JP Adler Kodiak Bear Exhibit and other sections of the Kodiak Habitat area as an enrichment activity for the cubs. DSC_3298

aDSC_7260 2016 4 17 munsey