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20170728_005922-1I’m so excited for the opening day at the iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio and welcome all the guests visiting all the art studio’s on the Northwoods Studio Tour!  My art studio is #12 this year on the guide map in the brochure.

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The artwork showcased at the iMAGiNETHAT Art Studio ranges from abstract paper sculptures, charcoal drawings and original prints and collages to more realistic compositions of feathers, leaves and dragonflies.


There are original prints and mixed media that represent the more tech savvy personality. These compositions are created from segments of computer hardware and have titles that captures the essence of  the materials and/or process of which they are created from, for example; Netscape and Etched In Time.DSC_0106

If you love bears, I have some wonderful greeting cards, coasters, photographs and photographic books of  Kodiak bear cubs.




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2017 05 07_7828

The two images above depicts the creation of the collagraph print of the elephant composition that I’m working on at this time.  The collagraph plate of the elephant was inked and printed after I had inked and printed the background plate.  Tiny seed beads were added after the I had added watercolor to the composition.


The image above depicts the background collagraph print (which is the same print as used for the elephant’s background.  The bear is made from paper toweling that is colored with water color.  I sprayed the paper toweling with a fixative, so I could utilize the paper toweling to be used in my collages.  The fixative seals the water colors into the paper and will not allow the color to bleed out onto the collagraph print.

If your interested in learning more about printmaking and or would like to see how to make prints or take a workshop in printmaking feel free to contact me.  Go to the following link to learn more about the Northwoods Art Tour

The public is invited to journey through the colorful north woods  and stop in at the many art studios and art gallery’s along the way.

Here’s a little peek at some of the new items I have at the iMAGiNETHAT! Art Studio (listed as #14 on the art studio tour map).


The dragonfly themed photography and artwork are offered as 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 prints as well as a  greeting cards and coasters.



Leap of Faith is a series of artwork created to honor those families that have a child with autism.  The Leap of Faith series was inspired by my daughter who is a line a therapist for autistic children.  The artwork in this series is sold as originals, reproduction prints, coasters, a deck of playing cards, greeting cards and as a journal (lined pages).

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SURVIVORS is a new series of artwork inspired by three orphaned Kodiak bear cubs.  The artwork is offered as photographic prints, greeting cards, a deck of playing cards, journals, coasters and photographic books.

Please stop in and visit me on October 7,8 and 9th  (open from 10 am-5 pm) during the 2016 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR.  My studio is #14 on the NORTHWOODS ART TOUR MAP.   To learn more about the 2016 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR go the following link


My artwork reflects a blend of my Chicago attitude, energy  and perspective, sprinkled with a touch of the north woods flavor.

My artistic abilities range from Intaglio printmaking, charcoal drawing, paper sculptures, assemblages, photography, collage, textile design and lamp-working.


This composition is one of 10 new collages created to address autism.  The series is titled “Leap of Faith”  Each original collage is comprised from fragments of artwork that were created as paintings and original prints. Through cutting, punching, burning and/or tearing processes, I’ve altered former pieces of artwork into a new composition.

“Leap of Faith” is also offered in the following formats: notebooks, deck of playing cards, greeting cards and coasters.



My latest Kodiak bear photographs are sold as 5 x 7 and  8 x 10 prints, greeting cards, deck of playing cards,notebooks and coasters.

To learn more about the 2016 NORTHWOODS ART TOUR go the following link

This weekend during the art tour I will have a large selection of artwork on exhibit and for sale.  There are over 200 cards of two rescued Kodiak bear cubs as well as 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 photographs and two different photographic books celebrating the first 15 months of the two Kodiak cubs.

In addition to the photography and books on the rescued Kodiak cubs I also have artwork that celebrates their survival in the format of collages and a charcoal drawing.  This series can be purchased in as an original or in a card format or reproduction print.

DSC_1343 Kodiak paw print This collage was created from handmade paper, original mono prints , a map and altered original and reproduction prints.

“Leap of Faith” is a series of seven compositions that honors the families with autism and can be purchased as cards and 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 reproductions prints.  The more fluid piece of artwork is derived from some fun experimental art projects that in it’s original size is about 1″ x 1 1/2″ in size and can’t be seen without the use of a slide a projector.


I invite you to explore the diversity of artwork showcased at my art studio on July 29-30-31. To learn more about the north woods art tour go to

My wonderful daughter has been a line therapist working with autistic children for the past five years.  In honor of her work and those families and friends touched by autism, I’ve created a new series of artwork inspired by daughters dedication and love for children with autism.  The title of this series is “Leap of Faith”.  There are seven collages in this series but I will continue to create more artwork based on this theme.  The images will also be sold as greeting cards.

Mark your calendars to attend the 2016  NORTHWOODS STUDIO TOUR held on July 29th, 30 and 31st and October 7, 8 and 9th.  Our select group of artist offer some of the most unique handmade creations in Wisconsin!  I hope to see you see you soon!


I will be selling my photographic Kodiak Bear Books, greeting cards, drawings, collages and photographs as well as a large selection of other artwork that ranges from abstract prints to original Intaglio prints of dragonflies, handmade made lamp worked beads to assemblages that incorporate mother boards and much more.

For more information go to this link: and you can also find us on Facebook.


My latest series “Survivors” is dedicated to the orphaned Kodiak bear cubs that were rescued in May of 2015 and relocated to the Wildwood Zoo, Marshfield, WI.  If you search through some of my earlier posts listed under (Kodiak bear cubs)  you’ll find links to news articles and video segments offering information  on the rescue efforts and relocation of the cubs and learn about why I’ve been inspired by the orphaned Kodiak bear cubs.
Many of the original prints I’ve created are also offered as reproduction prints in the format of greeting cards.

DSC_1343 Kodiak paw print

The Kodiak Cub Bear project continues, as I’ve begun sifting through almost a thousand photographs that I’ve taken of Munsey and Boda since they arrived in late October of 2015 .  Since late October through November  and into early December of 2015 I spent 10 hours a week observing and photographing the cubs at Wildwood Park and Zoo in Marshfield WI.  I felt that it was vital to dedicate as many hours as possible document the cubs as they were adjusting to their new habitat and  observe the cubs they interacted with each other.   I’ve also spent many hours contacting as many people involved in rescuing the Kodiak Bear Cubs and  share some of the photographs of the cubs.   I plan on creating artwork that  will  be both visually interesting to the viewer’s eye but also educational and  provide some financial support dedicated to the cubs through the sales of my artwork.DSC_4812